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Custom, handmade 3D navigational chart & Ordnance Survey art – create your own landscape art

NavArt designs and custom makes three dimensional artwork from marine charts and Ordnance Survey. We use all modern, genuine paper charts; in addition we can also work with antique charts. You choose everything - area, chart type, size, framing style, mounts, lighting - everything can be customised to make that perfect present or a fantastic talking point for you wall. 


Contact us to discuss what area you are interested in. We only use genuine, brand new charts. All mount and frame styles and colours and be catered for as we work with a local framing company rather than make your chart fit an ‘off the shelf’ frame.

Our artwork is all handmade, hand cut, hand laminated to give you a truly original art piece.  Nothing is mechanised/computerised; this allows 100% individuality to suit your needs.  The picture to the right is a six layer Admiralty chart of the Malacca Strait; emphasised with LED lighting – looks great blue on blue.  It will grace a lounge wall on the Isle of Wight to remind the owner of home.

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