Trawler Range

Trawler Range


The ultimate long distance cruiser – all the comforts you want, voluminous storage and large capacity tanks for inspiring freedom.  With a large degree of customisation possible, the Trawler range will offer the opportunity to explore new horizons with ease and style.  Shaft drive

34 Trawler

The Rhea 34 Trawler marks the beginning of a new era - the return of the Trawler construction to the Rhea Marine boat yard in La Rochelle.

Available in both flybridge and sedan versions, the 34 offers single or twin shaft drive propulsion


The Rhea 34 TrawlerThe Rhea 34 Trawler Rhea MarineThe Rhea 34 Trawler Flybridge and Sudan

36 Trawler

The Rhea 36 Trawler has elegant lines and classic appearance; this boat offers all the necessary comforts for cruising. Assertive, fluid lines offer comfort and stability; the super slick hull & tunnel propellers will increase fuel efficiency.  


Rhea 36 Trawler elegant and classicRhea 36 Trawler all the necessary comforts for cruisingRhea 36 Trawler hull and tunnel propellers

47 Trawler

The 47’s modern hull design and classic looks hide technology and high levels of comfort.   The helm position is vast; running full beam of the wheelhouse it offers a bridge experience.  Side decks are broad; freeboard is generous; props are protected.  With a potential range of 1000 miles you can fully experience everything this boat has to offer.


47 TRAWLER broad side decks47 TRAWLER potential range of 1000 miles47 TRAWLER vast helm position