• Sargo 25

    Sargo 25

    There is no doubt the Sargo 25 is a all purpose boat. The baby of the range with 2 cabins! Stern drive

    Overall length:7.75m
    Sailaway price: £113,600 inc VAT

  • Sargo 28

    Sargo 28

    Quiet, seaworthy and fun family cruiser. Stern drive

    Overall length:8.80m
    Sailaway price: £154,500 inc VAT

  • Sargo 31

    Sargo 31

    A spacious and comfortable two double berth boat. Faultless for longer trips. Stern drive

    Overall length:9.70m
    Sailaway price: £200,100 inc VAT

  • Sargo 34

    Sargo 34

    Swift, smooth and competent. Enjoy the rolling ocean waves. Stern drive

    Overall length:10.40m
    Sailaway price: £266,800 inc VAT

  • Sargo 36 & 36 Fly

    Sargo 36 & 36 Fly

    Very high standard spec, owners cabin with separate head & shower room; flybridge option. Stern drive

    Overall length:11.80m
    Sailaway price: £291,600/314,300 (Fly) inc VAT

  • Sargo Explorer

    Sargo Explorer

    Available as 25, 28, 31 and 36 - fun, funky and functional versions of the award winners.

  • Sargo Professional

    Sargo Professional

    Used by authorities such as the police, rescue organisations and law enforcement. Fully customisable to suit your needs.